Friday, 2 December 2011

Calling all 3D modellers!

Thanks to the efforts of cplhenshaw we now have some tools that allow us to convert the original Grim Fandango .3DO objects to .OBJ files, which can then be opened in all major 3D modelling software.

This means that if you feel you've got the skills, you can now help the project by improving Manny's form in 3D...

OBJ versions of Manny and Glottis can be downloaded here:

Please read the following post regarding limitations of the Grim Fandango 3D format:

Remodel each piece of the model separately, i.e Don't fuse his arms onto his torso. For any piece you want to update place it over the top of the old one so that they are positioned correctly. 

It probably won't work first try, but as long as all the pieces you remodel remain separate you won't need to redo any modelling and it should just be fiddling around with the exporters and file formats until we get it right.

When you're done:

Please either send your finished OBJs to me at:

Or share them in the Residual thread here: