Thursday, 27 March 2014

Grim Fandango - Point and click is here!

Ever felt fed up with Grim Fandango's controls? Missed being able to play an adventure game with your mouse? Well one fan has taken it upon themselves to create an incredible mod for ResidualVM allowing you to do just that.

The mod's creator, a programmer named Tobias Pfaff from San Francisco, has single-handedly added a traditional point and click interface to the game. Even more exciting is that you can play this new version right now (provided you own the original, of course):

Get the mod here!

I have played with the new mod and can confirm that it works amazingly well.

Great work Tobias Pfaff! (Maybe you should consider a job at a certain SF-based game studio? ;)


  1. Sometimes I wonder if I am one of the only few people who check this blogspot... :(

    1. No i check this one every month! Very exited on what will come out of this in the future :)

  2. Brandon Dillon got the job at Double Fine because he got GF up and running on the original Xbox as seen in the DFA Sidequest: "There Could Possibly be Some Legal Issues" and now he is leading his own project (

    Also, Tobias did an awesome job. This mod rocks. I really think it makes GF playable to a wider range of players (for example my gf who loves GF, but hates the GF tank controls in GF gf)

  3. Do you know the ""?
    Is a project of Grim fadandango remake!! :3