Monday, 19 March 2012

Hi-res Manny is here!

Thanks to the work of somaen, cplhenshaw, BlackSad (for the new 3D model), and other members of the ResidualVM forums (including mogul!), we now have our first ever hi-res version of Manny!

Sadly he's still a little buggy, so this can only be considered an Alpha release, but you can at least play with him for yourself.

Known major issues are:
1. No facial animation.

As a say: There are plenty of bugs to iron out, but it's still fun to see what's possible thanks to ResidualVM!

To see hi-res Manny in Grim Fandango for yourself, simply drop the following file into your Grim Fandango folder (where your DATAxxx.LAB files live), and run ResidualVM!

None of your game files are affected by this!



    keep up the good work, ive been dreaming (as I bet all GF fans have) of something like this for many years now! this is great news! maybe someday Lucasarts will make a special edition but until then (if it ever happens) we have to keep the flame alive, this game wont be forgotten, its one of the few stories that makes you forget youre actually playing a game, but living a whole experience rivaling literature or cinema, in a time when creativity, and not commercial success, was king. tim's kickstarter project its also an example of how we need these kind of games, and not the endless list of clones we have today. anyways i hope i could help in any other way than my ardent support in your project and hope its eventually succesful so new generations can really taste what a real game feels like! thank you so much for your incredible work!

  2. I've just updated the file so that the weird shadow on Manny's forehead has gone (thanks to the work of cplhenshaw!).

  3. I think adding the extra detail in the face (coming down from the bidge of the nose) is a bad idea...why not just make it look as clean as the CG cutscenes instead of adding new features?

    Also I thought this would never work because of deformation, but I remember now all of the models' body parts are separate geometry! That's good news! I bet this is going to work! I will help out eventually, if I find time.

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  5. Got to agree with abevec1. Higher resolution is good. Adding more details in the features is not. They should still look like calavera paper dolls. Manny looks too...round.

  6. Some confusion here: Manny isn't a paper doll. He's made of BONE. This is referenced many times in the game's dialogue. It's also apparent in Peter Chan's wonderful concept artwork.

  7. great to see the progress... I can't wait to get my hands on the finished product, since my childhood nostalgia levels are on overload! keep up the fantastic work!

  8. I'm perfectly aware that he's supposed to be made of bone in the game, but you're right, he has more round features in Chan's concept artwork. I guess it's just about what kind of approach you want to take on this. It seems like you are adding more real skull like features, because they didn't have the possibility of doing that when the game was made. It may be that they would have done it that way if they had the possibility, and gone for a look closer to Peter Chan's artwork, but Manny's final design is what you see on the cover of the game, and I'm not sure if changing that now is the right move. Concept art is just that, concept art. They managed to make a hi-res Manny on the cover, still looking like he does in game, with no changed features. I think trying to replicate that would be a better approach.
    Not trying to diminish your work here, I would love to play a hi-res Grim. But I think it's good to reflect a bit about exactly what you're trying to accomplish with this.

  9. But I have to say after studying it a bit more that you've done quite a good job on this. I guess my initial reaction was that he looked different. But having razor sharp edges on his head just for the sake of it is maybe not the right way either, so this is a good imagination of what he may have looked like with more polygons. Maybe a little too round for my taste, and the eyes look a bit sunk in in his head, which I think should be fixed, but it's no doubt the same Manny as I know and love.

  10. Aha, it's not the eyes that are sunken in, it's the nose that's standing a bit out. Never mind then :p

  11. Hi this project looks so awesome!!
    I hope I can help out with a couple of models for the game when I have some more time after my finals..

    In the meantime - I can't get detailed manny to work for me. I downloaded the file to the game folder, and ran it through residual..

    are there any other configurations that i need to make in order for it to work?

    1. @Unknown: Did you check the "Load user patch (unsupported)"? It's in Edit Game --> Engine.